Free GST Updates – 20th,21st & 22nd Feb 2017

Dear Friends,

After the meeting held on 18th Feb, there are no major updates. Some of the critical crisp updates and related news is listed below! Enjoy!!:

  1. It was expected by the industry experts that there would be some clarity on state specific compensation package, but the government has not yet come out with the numbers/details. This will surely impact corporates who have held up their investments.
  2. Manish Sisodia (Deputy CM of Delhi) while speaking to CNBC stated that the top most priority of the GST council should be to keep traders informed about the simplicity of the tax structures and updates.
    1. Traders would be the ones who would be hit the most and hence GST council has to re prioritize their work.
    2. Also the Law must be as simple as possible to keep the corruption away since higher the complexity higher is the corruption


Will keep you posted on GST updates! Till then have fun!!


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